Duolingo Data Leak

Some Tips to Stay Safe From Phishing Scams From TallMark

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Duolingo, a popular language learning platform, recently suffered a data leak that exposed the names and email addresses of over 2.6 million users. Cybercriminals are likely to exploit this leak by sending phishing scams to affected users.
Phishing scams are emails or messages that try to trick you into revealing sensitive information, such as your passwords or credit card numbers. Cybercriminals may impersonate Duolingo or other legitimate organizations in their phishing emails. They may also use your leaked name or email address to send more sophisticated phishing attacks. Here are some tips to stay safe from phishing scams:

If you think you may have been the victim of a phishing scam, change your Duolingo password immediately and contact Duolingo support. You should also monitor your credit report for any suspicious activity. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of TallMark staff and ask about our Family First Awareness Program (FFAP).