Ocala Preserve Cyber Security Presentation

Thank You For Spending Time With Us.

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Ocala Preserve,

Thank you so much for hosting us and welcoming us so warmly into your world. Tallant, a full-fledged OP resident, is so incredibly excited about the opportunity to give back a little to the community that has so warmly accepted him and his partner. I was just excited to get with everyone to talk about a subject that I feel is so important, and I have a passion for, Cyber Security Awareness. Also, the grilled cheese and soup combo keeps me coming back. Below is the PowerPoint presentation we use. We wanted to make sure it was available for you to always refer to, but we hope you respect the work and effort behind it, and don’t use it for other things. If you have other situations that you feel could benefit from a good Awareness presentation or discussion, do not hesitate to get in touch. We can talk.

Thank you for all the love,

Mark & Tallant